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Why look for a home in Berlin?

Today, Berlin is not only the capital of reunified Germany – it is the center of Germany’s cultural and intellectual life. Berlin has always attracted people with a free spirit. Foreigners from all over the world want to visit Berlin and witness the amazing change the city has gone through since the wall came down in 1989.

The new Berlin offers a great lifestyle. In no other German city will you find so many museums and galleries, three opera houses and a world renowned orchestra. Numerous independent artists and musicians live here. Berlin’s bars and clubs are among the trendiest in the world.

Once you fall in love with Berlin, you will want to live here. You will want to enjoy this city on a regular basis and be a real „Berliner“. That requires a place of your own.

Within Europe, Berlin is the capital with the lowest real estate prices – for now. The more attractive the city becomes the more people will want to move here. As a result, the real estate prices will go up. Therefore, buying a home in Berlin in the next couple of years will be a good investment. I will help you find your new residence in the part of Berlin you like most.


"Der Weg zum Wunschdomizil. Eberhard Rhein hilft beim heimisch werden in der Hauptstadt." Read this article by Jürgen Bräunlein...

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